I grew up in a family that loved music and I was introduced to the music of Miriam Makeba at the age of five by my parents who always played her records all the time. I fell inlove with her music, and since that age until I met her in 1984 she remained an idol whom I modeled my singing and musical career around.

I first met Miriam in Washington DC while I was on tour in the United States of America with Hugh Masekela. The meeting was a dream come true. We performed for an audience of about 3000 with Miriam being part of the audience, without me being aware that my idol was present.

I was pleasantly surprised after the show when she came to the back stage to meet us. My idol was right in front of me. I had dreamed of this meeting for years and had over the years seen her on television, read almost all the articles written about her in magazines and newspapers, I almost fainted.

She hugged me and in her forever humble way introduced herself. It was a moment I will never forget or trade for anything in this world. She then uttered the words that signaled the start of a mother, sister and friend relationship that will span over three decades.

She requested Hugh Masekela to allow me to perform with her whenever I was not busy with his shows. This was not a very difficult proposition since most of their bookings where combined and I had the rare privilege of performing most of the time with two of our musical icons.

Since that precious moment in Washington, I have had the privilege to perform with her around the world for almost fifteen years.

I learnt a lot from her, the lessons ranged from dealing with normal life experiences, handling the media, audience, stage craft, overall performance and the love and appreciation for music and fans.

Today I can proudly say that I am what I am because of the teachings I got from
Miriam Makeba, and it is my life's pledge to continue to sing, protect and prolong her rich legacy.

In all the time I have shared the stage with Miriam Makeba, I have learnt at her feet to sing and perform almost all her songs with the grace and finesse that has always been distinctively Miriam.

I miss her deeply, may her soul rest in peace

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