Her gift and love for music has always been a thread that held her life together while in foreign lands for over 30 years



As we all know that August is Women`s month, Sonti was invited to perform at the Women Economic Empowerment Conference at the ICC in Durban recently.


What do the Songs in my album mean to me?

They are my way of sharing the joys and richness of life and helping you through the worst parts. I have known great happiness in my life

and I know God teaches you to appreciate the good and also tests your worthiness for it, by putting you face to face with so many challenges and much sadness. If life is a journey then look on my music as a map telling you about its landmarks the heights and the lows.

Tribute to Mama Africa-Miriam Makeba

I grew up in a family that loved music and I was introduced to the music of Miriam Makeba at the age of five by my parents who always played her records all the time. I fell inlove with her music, and since that age until I met her in 1984 she remained an idol whom I modeled my singing and musical career around. I first met Miriam in Washington DC  while I was on tour in the United States of America with Hugh Masekela.

Sonti Mndebele and the Community

She continues to help a variety of charity organisations with fundraising for good causes, especially for vulnerable children, orphans and young women. Furthermore, she also hosts youth workshops and coaching adult choirs as well as mentoring new artists in Africa and Europe. Sonti is also passionate about children.

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